Zirconium Diboride

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Formula: ZrB2, CAS No.:12045-64-6, the crystal structure of ZrB2 is hexagonal crystal system which is similar to metal structure. Due to this, ZrB2 provides excellent conductivity and migration characteristic. Furthermore, Zr~B ionic bond between boron atom and Zr atom and B-B covalent bonds are so strong that ZrB2 has a high melting point, high hardness and high stability material. At the same time, it also shows better flame retardancy, heat proof, oxidation resistance, chemical resistance and neutron absorption capability. The density is typically 6.085~6.17, melting point at 3,040℃, Rockwell hardness 88-91 and the compressive strength 1,555.3 Gpa. It is resistant to the etching of Al, Ca, Mg, Si, Pb and Sn and the electricalresistivity is 16.6×10-5Ω·cm while the thermal conductivity is 24.27W/m·K.

Grade Purity Moisture Avg. Particle Size (D50)
ZrB2 90% 90% min 1.0% max ~ 5 µm
ZrB2 99% 99% min 0.5% max ~ 15 µm

  ★ Oxidation resistance additive in carbon base refractory
  ★ Cutting tools
  ★ Antifriction material
  ★ Production of structural ceramic
  ★ Production of ceramic armor
25 kg per fiber drum or 1 kg per Al-plastic bag (vacuum) and 25 kg per iron drum.